The beginnings of EDAG México go back to 2012, when Volkswagen de Mexico was looking for an engineering partner close to its R&D center, which had already become established around the globe and possessed extensive engineering expertise in line with VW standards. Working on the basis of longstanding cooperation in other countries, the EDAG Group founded a branch in Puebla – just two hours by car from the Mexican capital, Ciudad de Mexico.

Today, the company employs a workforce of almost 200, and not only offers its customers - now totaling more than 100 - vehicle development engineering services, but also runs the largest and most up-to-date OEM-independent test laboratory in Mexico. The laboratory's testing capabilities range from functional analysis, stiffness and endurance, or pedestrian and passenger safety testing, to environmental testing. The portfolio has also been extended to include PPDM, PQC and E/E.

Renaud Deneubourg, managing director of EDAG México, says: "It is a great honor to me to head such a competent and passionate team of people who are always willing to reinvent themselves and strive for efficiency, and who, with their outstanding attitude, develop new business units, and in this way expand our service portfolio. None of this would be possible without the remarkable support we receive from the entire EDAG family worldwide. The mobility business will be facing enormous challenges in the next few years, and I am convinced that these will offer us chances for growth."