EDAG Production Solutions provides a 360 degree engineering perspective for Smart Factory and Smart City

from left: Dirk Keller (Managing Director, EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG), Rainer Wittich (CEO, EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG)

EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG (abbreviated: EDAG PS) is an international full-service provider in the field of production engineering. This subsidiary of the EDAG Group offers a 360 degree engineering perspective in the development of highly efficient manufacturing sites and plants, from planning and virtual commissioning until it is handed over to the end customer. With more than 50 years of experience as a general planner and contractor for manufacturers in the automotive industry, the company has massively expanded its portfolio in the smart factory sector in recent years. "Automotive Engineering" by EDAG PS is recognized in the international automotive industry as a trademark for high-tech engineering for the development of manufacturing plants and the optimization of existing manufacturing systems.

"We will now also offer an extensive range of services in sectors outside the automotive industry in an even stronger and more focused way than in the past," announced Rainer Wittich, CEO of EDAG PS. "Our experience, our holistic engineering approach, complemented by our smart factory skills, also make us an attractive development partner for companies from sectors such as mechanical engineering, the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, nutrition and electrical engineering. Digitalization is an interdisciplinary challenge and a "must have" for almost all industrial sectors." 

EDAG PS has combined this expanded and more focused range of services for non-automotive customers under the term "Industrial Solutions" and offers customized engineering and contractor solutions in transparent development steps. These services include the following: 

  • Optimum process reliability (product design for manufacturability)
  • Sustainable factory infrastructure (coordinated technical building equipment and building planning)
  • Maximum productivity (individual production solutions)
  • Supply chain excellence (networking through smart internal and external logistics processes)
  • Complexity control (digitalization and networking in production)
  • Optimal decision-making and process validation(use of VR/AR applications in production)

For the experts at EDAG Production Solutions, digitalization in the context of the Smart Factory offers the opportunity to apply their many years of experience and knowledge in the areas of engineering and implementation to reflect the individual customer needs and to support them in making their production and manufacturing systems smart and even more efficient.

"The smart factory is a complex, multifaceted intertwining of data systems. Digital twins, big data, artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance or virtual and augmented reality are necessary to make the factory of the future flexible, fast and efficient," adds Dirk Keller, Managing Director of EDAG PS. "This has long been the order of the day for us. We combine our decades of process and interdisciplinary production expertise in the automotive sector with the digital world to create production solutions for other industrial sectors. We will also offer this knowledge sharing system for the smart cities of tomorrow, for example, to interconnect the different modes of transport. We have already been able to successfully demonstrate this expertise through the major technological breakthrough "EDAG CityBot".