Test Laboratory

“Accredited testing on world class level!”

Environmental simulation and digitalization

  • Measurement with 3D Scan / Photogrammetry
  • Climate and temperature testing
  • Dust chamber and temperature shock
  • Sunlight simulation

Endurance and stiffness testing

  • Simulation of durability under different climatic circumstances
  • Doors endurance testing
  • Endurance and stiffness testing
  • Functional analysis
  • Assembly and removal of vehicle


  • Airbag testing
    • Driver and passenger airbag
    • Head, knee and lateral airbag
  • 3 high-speed camera systems
  • High performance illumination and ignition system
  • Precise analysis of components and video


EDAG Pedestrian Protection Flyer

EDAG Airbag Flyer

EDAG Stiffness Analysis

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EDAG Environmental Tests

EDAG Dimensional Analysis